La Générale En Manufacture | Jeu De Paume, Once A Tennis Court, Now My Favorite Photo Gallery
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Le Jeu de Paume

Jeu De Paume, Once A Tennis Court, Now My Favorite Photo Gallery

A historical place itself, this art gallery hosted the best exhibitions I have ever attended to in Paris since I got here. It was the house of a former olympic sport that´s the direct ancestor of what we now know as tennis. Read on to know everything about this fascinating place.

Multiple Forms Of Art

Jeu de paume is worldly known for its photography exhibitions, but it actually displays much more than that to visitors. The greatest part to me is the dedication to new technologies and art films. There are video projections as installations curated by different artists. This diversity makes the whole place a constant-changing landscape and, as a visitor, you just want to drop-by to see “what´s new”.

Jeu de paume multiple forms of art
Jeu de paume displays multiple forms of art

An Eye On The Program

All exhibitions in the Jeu de paume are temporary, so you really have to check on the program not to miss the best ones. Paris is a culturally alive city that has everything to offer if you are just a little curious and have some time to spare. Contrary to Les Douches, The Jeu de Paume is not one of the secrets in Paris because it is located in the center of the Tuileries Gardens that are really close to Place de la Concorde. But it really is one of the most dynamic and most revered museums in the whole city.

The Building Itself

Most photographers and painters like me have a distinct like for architecture. I am not academically formed in the subject, but I enjoy greatly the stylish constructions of the city like the columns and the highly-adorned walls of the Jeu de Paume. Once you set foot inside, you can´t believe it used to be a sports place because of the elegance and the stylish walls. The visit to the museum is a complete clash between modern art and infrastructure and old, stylish architecture that is just fascinating.

Jeu de paume building
Stylish architecture of Jeu de Paume building