La Générale En Manufacture | Discover Arts and Photography in Paris
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Paris, like any big city, has its well-stored secrets just around the corner. Of course we all know and have gone to the big museums like The Louvre, but once you stay here for a while you start reaching the other layers of Paris´ underground culture where the real thing is going on. I’ll show you a brief list of my favorite five places to see that are not so popular.

exhibit in paris


This year of 2018 is the mark of the 160th Anniversary of the Japanese and French diplomatic relationship. Consequently, it is also the century and a half that Japanese Culture has been open to the Western civilizations. If you are a Japanese Culture fan or just an art-lover or maybe just feel curious about what is going on in the other side of the world, this is a complete must-see.

Don´t be afraid to comment on my entries and if you know of places I don´t, please leave a comment or send me a DM to let me know and I will add it to the list.


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Mom Swapped – new brilliant idea of swapping. If you aren’t familiar with the thing you really need to take a look at this exclusive series of Mom Lover series. It’s about naughty moms swapping their stepboys for mutual fun. Watch these kinky foursomes being one big mess!

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I am a photographer, painter and also a bit of a poet who has fled out of the little town hell of knowing everybody around you all the time to land in the city of the highest cultural value in Europe (in my opinion). I found that walking the streets in Paris, the bubbling culture of this era and the previous ones gets you like an invasion from toes to head and from head to toes.