La Générale En Manufacture | The Reasons I Adore The Photographs In Camera Galerie
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The Reasons I Adore The Photographs In Camera Galerie

For the longest time people actually wondered if photography is real art? It was argued that it is indeed not art because it is too literal with no personal input, touch or view of the person taking the actual picture. It was also argued that photography indeed is not real art as it is incapable of elevating any kind of imagination. Although the concept of photography did not completely die despite of all the negative inputs and views, yet it was not possible to capture moving objects or scenes as lengthy exposure was needed, impossible to capture through a camera. In other words, photography did have its own limitaions.

Taboo Influence – Sis Loves Me

Taboo content has always been tricky. Often neglected by society it only shows our dark hidden fantasies. This is the case with Sis Loves Me – a series that focuses on sexual relations between step siblings. Or in other words it’s porn with step sisters… No matter how you call it – the taboo subject stays the same – step sisters and step brothers having a crush on each other.

Sis Loves Me – where step sisters play with step brothers.

With passage of time, the difference between traditional art and photography still remains but it has taken a positive turn because now both forms of expression are considered art. A photograph captures a moment in time whereas a painting or drawing, is the interpretation of the painter which can be different, same or similar to the reality. Fine art photographers find a way to incorporate photography effectively, meaningfully and completely into their artwork. Photography, in a broader sense has three very basic elements –

Viewpoint – is a way of looking at the subject and the way in which the photographer wants to showcase it. There could be more than one subject in the photograph.

Perspective – is a relationship between the various objects or elements in a photograph. It could be abstract or absolute.

Composition – is arrangement and placement of various elements, subjects within a photograph, in order to make it look like one cohesive unit. The composition could either be conscious or sub-conscious.

We have come far from the initial impression of photography not being a real art. Now, not only is considered a fine talent, but also it is a million-dollar industry. There are various avenues for budding professionals and amateurs to showcase their work. They can do it either online through various websites or through galleries who specializes in showcasing only photographs.

Camera Galerie “in Camera” in Paris is one such gallery that promotes and showcases excellent photographic work of photographer artist world over.

The gallery was started in 2008 by Hanane Hilmi and Jean Noël de Soye with the primary objective of showcasing and salvaging the work of photographer artists of 20th Century. Both black and white as well as colour photographic work is put on display at the gallery. The gallery is also working towards the creation of Museum of Photography in Marrakech.