La Générale En Manufacture | My Favorite Art Exhibitions In Paris You Can See In One Weekend
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art exhibition in paris

My Favorite Art Exhibitions In Paris You Can See In One Weekend

Because most people take weekend trips to Paris from other capitals of Europe, I decided to go for the ultimate art weekend program and include all my favorite places at once, are you ready to see all the best art in the Light City in just a couple of days? Jump right in and enjoy the ride.


We start early in the morning with some coffee and croissants at a local coffee shop. Choose the one that you like the best and then we set off to do the classic part of the tour.

Louvre – We all know this is the biggest art museum in the world and if you would stop a minute in each piece, it will take you a month and a half (38,000 objects inside). So, we´ll do just the most important like the Giaconda, The Last Supper, The David and little more besides enjoying the new Japonisms 2018.

The National Museum of Modern Art (MNAM) – We go from one extreme to the other and leave the incredible Louvre Building to arrive to the hyper modern and super fun Centre Georges Pompidou which is an awesome interactive place. The national Museum holds over 100,000 pieces, so enough to end the Saturday and go have some red wine.


We will start early and shake off the hangover from the red wine walking a bit under the Parisian sun. After our head is fresh, we´ll take public transportation and go to our destinations:

Les Douches, Jeu de Paume, Galerie VU – The photographic part of the tour will take place in the morning and early afternoon with these not-so-known places.

Petit Palais, Musée Rodin and Jacquemart-Andre museum – To finish off a perfect mix of beautiful buildings with artwork inside. Especially the Rodin house is completely amazing, you can just stare at the sculptures for half an hour and remain in awe.

After all the museums, you can just go for a walk at the Champs Elysees under the Parisian light and go to bed with a smile upon your face.